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COVID-19 has changed the way we practice for the foreseeable future. Our utmost priority is the health and safety of our patients and team members and we have made some important changes to our procedures and policies listed below. Although things may look different at our clinic, our commitment to thorough, compassionate eye care remains the same as always.

Booking an Appointment

In order to comply with physical distancing guidelines, we will be limiting the number of patients in our office at any given time. All appointments must be booked in advance by calling us at 905-628-5866. This includes any patients who require frame repairs or adjustments, or for patients who want to select a new pair of glasses, as well as any patient in need of an examination by one of our optometrists. At the time of booking, patients will be asked a series of questions for  COVID-19 screening, please click here to view the screening questions. Only those who pass the screening will be booked and patients will be asked the same screening questions upon their arrival to their appointment. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice BY PHONE, a fee of $50 will apply. Where appropriate, patients may be offered the option of a virtual appointment with an optometrist. 

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Arriving for your Appointment

Our check-in process has changed significantly in order to minimize the amount of time that patients spend in the office. Upon arrival, we ask that patients text or call us from the parking lot at 365-323-9177 to inform us of their arrival. We will call back and check-in will take place over the phone, where one of our team members will perform the COVID-19 screening.  If patients do not have a cell phone, they may enter our front foyer as long as it is empty and knock on our inner door which will be locked. We will come to assist you and the check-in process will take place at the front desk. Patients will only be admitted at the time of their appointment and any late arrivals may be asked to reschedule. Masks are required for entry unless patient is under the age of 2 or if contraindicated due to other health conditions (please call ahead to discuss this with your doctor if this is the case). 

Prior to entering the building, patients are asked to please:

  • Put on their mask and put away their cell phones for the duration of their visit
  • Leave any large or unnecessary items in the car
  • Attend their appointments alone, unless a caregiver is required for a child or others requiring assistance
  • Sanitize hands at disinfection station located in vestibule

Infection Control

Strict measures for infection control have been put in place in all areas of our clinic. All staff and doctors will self-declare their health status on a daily basis before attending their shift and will be following strict handwashing and health/safety measures at all times. All staff who interact with patients will be wearing protective equipment and plexiglass barriers have been installed at our front desk. Physical distancing of >2m will be maintained wherever possible and floor markings have been placed around the office. We have staggered arrival times and reduced the number of appointment slots to minimize the use of the waiting room but if needed, waiting room chairs have been spaced apart, sanitized between any patient use, and all magazines and toys have been removed. All high touch surfaces in common patient areas will be frequently disinfected throughout the day. In the examination and testing rooms, all equipment and surfaces that patients come in contact with will be thoroughly sanitized between every patient and protective shields have been installed on many pieces of equipment. In our eyewear gallery any frame that has been tried on is carefully sanitized before being placed back on the display board. All prescriptions and invoices will be emailed where possible.

See our detailed Standard Operating Procedures for Infection Control

Standard Operating Procedures

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

As previously mentioned, patients must book an appointment for a frame repair, adjustment or to choose their new glasses.  Masks must be worn at all times during these appointments. To minimize contact with our frames, during a frame selection patients will be guided by one of our optical team members who will select appropriate frames for the patient to try on based on their prescription, face shape and size, and patient style preferences. We have allocated 30 minutes for these appointments and require that patients pay for their order in full before it can be processed. Adjustments will be made to the frame at the time of selection which will allow us to offer a contact-less pickup when the completed glasses are ready. Contact lenses can be ordered either by phone or through on our website and can be shipped directly to the patient at no cost or a similar contact-less pickup at the office can be arranged.

Online Store

Patients can now purchase contact lenses, eyedrops, vitamins and other miscellaneous products using our new online store which can be accessed here. All products can either be shipped directly or picked up at our office.

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